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Experiences exclusive to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya

Musana tours and travel is an expert and reliable indigenous travel agency with over 10 years of safari experience and wonderful hospitality.

Offering completely unique and customized East Africa tour and travel packages that deliver an awesome unrivalled African experiences, Whether you want to go for natural world safaris, journey, honeymoon, gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking and chimpanzee trekking, search for Rhinos and pangolins, white water rafting, zip lines and tubing, open markets and community visits we got you covered and all arrangements contribute to bettering lives of the poor and the most vulnerable persons. We've got suitable packages to meet your interest as well as your budget while we use the proceeds to impact humanity.

We boast of the unbeatable experiences we create and extensive knowledge of the vacation spot and respective tourism sights and are determined to create special, uniquely customized genuine safari programs that move past the ordinary travel and tours. Our unique travel enthusiasts driven by the desire to give a memorable adventure shall address every need.

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