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Essential Gorilla trekking tips in Uganda or Rwanda

Many will remember the popular 1988 film 'Gorillas in the Mist' for its heart-wrenching narrative about the plight of Mountain gorillas living in the African jungle areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Based on the book with the same title by renowned primatologist, conservationist and author Dian Fossey, this narrative helped to highlight the plight of these gentle giants. At the time, Fossey acknowledged that these apes were in grave danger of extinction due to poaching, habitat loss and as well as death in the crossfire of human warfare.

According to the latest research there are only 1008 Mountain gorillas left on the planet. However, conservationists are seeing positive signs that their populations are increasing. It's no wonder then, that the chance to see them is the ultimate bucket list experience for safari goers. We bring you seven tips for planning a gorilla trekking trip through either Rwanda or Uganda to experience these magnificent jungle animals

Remember to get a permit before you arrive

One of the most important aspects to remember if you are planning a gorilla trekking safari is that you need to obtain a permit to see the gorillas in both national parks in Rwanda and Uganda

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda: US $1500

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda: US $800

These permits are difficult to obtain because there are limitations on how many people are allowed into the parks. Musana tours and travel will obtain these permits for you and they are included in the cost of your gorilla trekking safari. The essential thing here is to plan your trip well ahead of time.

Be prepared for any weather

There is a good chance the weather will be hot and humid as well as slightly chilly and rainy on the same day, reason enough to be prepared for varying weather conditions. Safari experts recommend wearing layered clothing that can be adjusted according to the temperature. Make allowances for rain by packing a waterproof jacket or coat.

It is also essential that you bring a pair of good quality hiking shoes as you will be trekking through varied montane terrain. It's also advised to keep as much skin covered as possible as certain areas are notorious for blister bushes and stinging nettles.

Take food and water with you

There are no shops in the various national parks and although some tour operators will have options for packed lunches it's still strongly advised that you pack items that will help keep your energy levels up as you may be hiking for a maximum of eight hours while you locate the gorillas. Pack some dried fruit, nuts or trail mix for some extra energy and plenty of water.

Waterproofing for your camera and absolutely no flash

Temperamental weather conditions require you to safely waterproof your camera. Water housing or casing is essential in protecting your equipment. Flash photography is not permitted while trekking or anywhere near the gorillas so make sure your flash setting is turned off.

Train before you leave and know your fitness levels

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Volcanoes National Park are high in altitude which will make trekking much harder, even for experienced hikers. Make sure you know your fitness level before leaving and if you aren't an avid hiker it's advised to hit the gym or some local trails and hikes in your area before you leave to get to your optimal fitness level. You might see gorillas after two hours or it could take up to 10 to find them in the thick jungle.

Travel in the dry season

Tracking down gorillas isn't limited to a season and you can visit any time of year. It's believed that you will just have a more enjoyable experience in the drier months as everything is a little more accessible due to there being less rain and less mud. Dirt roads will be a part of the experience and these will be easier to tackle and much more comfortable in drier weather. The dry season is from mid-December to early February and the long dry season is from June to September.

Respect the gorillas' space

While the Mountain gorilla population is habituated and gorillas are non-aggressive and shy, they are still wild animals. Respecting their space ensures that no one gets hurt. Accompanying you on your trekking journey will be experienced guides. These guides are highly trained and dedicate their lives to the conservation of the gorillas. Respect the five to seven meter proximity rule. An opportunity to enjoy the majestic Mountain gorillas in their natural environment is an experience of a lifetime. We can advise you on your gorilla trekking adventure so do contact us for more information.

Top gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda


2 Days Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Are you in Rwanda and would wish to compare gorilla trekking on this side of Uganda? Do not worry, It only costs you a few extra dollars and a short distance. The tour takes you through the Rwanda - Uganda chyanika board to kisoro town on the Uganda side. Short as it is but its very scenic and surely rewording.

Explore Idea $1205

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2 Day Gorilla Trekking Uganda - Air Transfer

This 2 day gorilla trekking safari is designed for the travelers who have a short time in Uganda and could be interested in tracking the mountain gorillas found nowhere else except Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

Explore Idea $1720

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3 Day Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Lake Bunyonyi Budget Safari

The 3 day mid range tour covers Gorilla Trekking and Lake Bunyonyi relaxation. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is the forest that houses the largest number of the world's remaining wild mountain gorillas.

Explore Idea $1450

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3 Day Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Mid Range Tour

The 3 day mid range tour takes you to lake bunyonyi and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This is the forest that houses the largest number of the world's remaining wild mountain gorillas

Explore Idea $1530

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3 Day Double Gorilla Tracking in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

This short tour takes you to two primate national parks in Uganda. The tour starts and ends from Kigali/ Rwanda and takes you to Mgahinga gorilla national park where you will do the first tracking and then later transfer to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park where you will do the second tracking

Explore Idea $2364

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Blackback mountain gorilla in mgahinga

3 Day Mount Mgahinga Gorilla Trekking Mid-Range Tour

Our 3 Day Mgahinga gorillas will take you to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in south western Uganda. Arrival and departure will be through Kigali, Rwanda. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the only park in Uganda where mountain gorillas co-exist with golden monkeys

Explore Idea $1612

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4 Day Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Budget Tour

The 4 day Budget Gorilla Trekking and Charitable Cultural Tour takes you to Lake Bunyonyi and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. This is the forest that houses the largest number of the world's remaining wild mountain gorillas.

Explore Idea $1487

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6 Day Uganda Wildlife and Gorilla Tracking Budget Tour

This 6 days tour has been designed with your comfort and sense of adventure in mind. From the moment you are picked up at the airport to the end, you will have a dedicated car and guide/driver at your disposal to take you to all the exciting places in the itinerary.

Explore Idea $1800

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7 Day Gorilla Back Packing safari

This 7 days back packing safari will highlight and introduce clients to beautiful Uganda's wildlife, nature and people. This trip starts from and ends in Entebbe. The trip will introduce you to Uganda's two national parks, lake Bunyonyi and a city tour that will give you an encounter with Uganda's people and culture.

Explore Idea $1785

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7 Day Gorilla tracking, Lake Bunyonyi and Queen Elizabeth National park

This safari is meant for those who would wish to spend a week away on safari and want to track mountain gorillas and participate in golden monkey tracking experience or golden monkey tracking, more wildlife in queen Elizabeth national park and then visit Lake Bunyonyi the deepest Lake in Uganda

Explore Idea $2490

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7 Day Wildlife and Gorilla Tracking Uganda Safari

The 7 days Uganda safari is well packaged with game viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park and a boat cruise along the kazinga channel with the highest concentration of hippos in the world.

Explore Idea $2690

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Gorilla Trekking and Lake Kivu Rwanda tour

Planning to visit Volcanoes National Park for a gorilla trekking in Rwanda on a 3 Days Gorilla Tour with relaxation on lake Kivu. Book 3 days Rwanda gorilla and Lake Kivu that takes you to Volcanoes national park where you can experience mountain gorilla tracking in the wild.

Explore Idea $3015

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Blackback mountain gorilla in mgahinga 1080

Kigali City , Volcanoes National Park and Rubavu in five days

This 5 Days Rwanda Safari takes you to trek mountain gorillas and tracking Golden monkey or Dian fossey hike in Volcanoes national park and kayaking Lake Kivu in Rubavu district.

Explore Idea $3987

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young gorilla close

Rwanda Gorilla Safari with Culture and Genocide Museum

Track the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda's most stunning Volcanoes National park. You will aslo go for Chimpanzee trekking and then do a city tour in Kigali

Explore Idea $3125

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young black back in a tree

Rwanda Highlights, an all around Rwanda tour

Experience all Rwanda highlights on just one trip! From the capital city of Kigali to the wilderness in volcanoes and Nyungwe to stunning savannah in the famous Akagera national park.

Explore Idea $5750

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Rwanda special Expedition Highlight tour

This 10 days of Rwanda special expedition will take you to 3 national parks of Rwanda, Lake Kivu and Karongi tour. In this tour will go for Gorilla Trekking, Golden monkey trekking, Chimpanzee Trekking, Game Drive, Culture experience, Canopy walk and City tour

Explore Idea $6250

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Virungas and Lake Kivu Rwanda tour

As a short introduction to the beauty of Rwanda! Start your safari with a unique city walk tour, followed by a traditional lunch. Feel the stunning thousands of hills, come eye to eye with the impressive mountain gorillas and finally unwind at the lovely sandy beaches of Lake Kivu.

Explore Idea $3450

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