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About Musana Tours and Travel

We have been organizing Gorilla tracking in Rwanda, Gorilla tracking in Uganda , chimpanzee tracking tours and Big five safaris in Uganda and Rwanda since 2013, We know how and what to provide for our clients. We offer completely Unique and customized Uganda and Rwanda tour packages; we also have permanent representation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania where we offer a wide range of africa safaris, Romantic honeymoon safaris, Child friendly africa tours and many other adventure tours in this part of africa. We take care all of your africa tour and travel needs from the start to finish.

Other tours include: Golden monkey tracking, Big five safaris, rhino tracking and search for pangolins, We also offer White water rafting, Visit to open markets and community visits. We have suitable packages that meet your interests as well as your budget.

Why Book with us

Expertise and destination coverage

We have highly skilled travel specialists and consultants based throughout the Region where they are either residents or have been working for many years. Together they command an unequalled safari experiences across the region. Our team makes the best guides in the region who are not only professional local experts but also add an individual spice to your safari. Tell us your preferences! Let us Know what you want to see.

Tailor Made Safaris By The Experts

All our Africa safaris are fully customizable and will always be tailor-made, just for you or your travel buddies, designed to suit individual differences, personalities, personal interests as well as your budget, minding quality and ensuring safety. We do not intend to take you on one of our set departure safaris but instead you will take us to your perfect trip with the help of our safari specialists. With our knowledge of the Desitination and africa safari experience we give you the much needed advice on request.

We are reliable and flexible

Musana tours and travel is a thoroughly professional and well established indigenous safari company. With our head office centrally based in Uganda as well as permanent representation in Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya you can talk to us anywhere, at any time.

Sustainability and Environmental Conservation

Whilst it is our mission to offer you extraordinary and authentic African safari experiences, we are also committed to environmental conservation, sustainability, and food security among African communities. We are driven to do our part in protecting the natural environment, African wildlife and our valuable cultural heritage.

In an effort to increase awareness for conservation and ensure that the local communities directly benefit from your visit, we kindly request you to plant at least one tree and to respect the environment by minimizing your footprint (carry a shopping bag or use degradable paper bags and reusable drinking water bottle) and follow our guidelines for responsible tourism. One of the ways we can save Africa and the world's unspoiled wilderness for posterity is by being being responsible travellers!

We carefully select hotels ,safari lodges and camps that have a comprehensive sustainability policy that ensure as minimal an impact as possible on the environment. We support a local project, Friends of Batwa International. This is an organization that helps the Batwa people who are the oldest known indigenous tribe in Uganda dated to approximately 6000 years ago. They were originally forest dwellers, hunters, and food gatherers in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park,some parts of Congo's Ituri Forest, and other parts of Rwanda and the .

We do not only offer you a unique African travel Experince but we create memories that you will never forget!

Why the Batwa Tribe

One of the reasons we founded Musana tours and travel was to support the Batwa people in south western Uganda. Whose lifestyled have not been able to catch up the rest of the population, Due to an unfathomable cultural myth, some men in this area believed that HIV and Backache can be cured by sleeping with a Batwa woman, leading to unthinkable acts such as Gang raping and such acts. overtime This has left the Batwa women devastated, HIV positive and often left with many children they are unable to care for.

By travelling with Musana tours and travel and participating in our fantastic selection of activities, you are giving hope and support to this wonderful Tribe of Batwa, we donate 10 percent of our proceeds from Tours to various programs and initiatives aimed at creating for them a better and stable future.

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